My session and experience at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2018!

Jaipur Literature Festival

Scent of the Soil : Dr. Suchita Malik

‘Shell I get another chance in life? Shall I ever be able to undo or reverse the chain of events that my decisions have caused, whether personal or professional? Does anyone like me? Will people forget or forgive?’

Shubhojit Singh is at the pinnacle of his career as a civil servant, having won the Prime Minister’s Award twice; however, his personal life is in a shambles. His wife has left him and he has become a stranger to his own children. When a sudden health crisis brings the whole family together, Shubhojit is left reminiscing about his younger days in the village—of the times spent with friends, splashing in the village pond and climbing trees and of meaningful relationships. Just four years short of his retirement, Shubhojit decides to go back to his roots, to live with nature, to a life which is not dictated by structures—a life where he is free and unencumbered.

Will he succeed? Will his family approve? Or, will it prove to be an impulsive and hasty decision?

Scent of the Soil : Shashi Tharoor

Caught between performing their lives at their desks and living their lives beyond it, the protagonists in Suchita Malik’s story reflect the often-anonymous men and women in government service and their timeless sacrifices for the country. Scent of the Soil evokes the lives of husbands and wives, friends and family, who, too, find themselves caught in the maelstrom between professional dedication and personal fulfilment. Suchita Malik has brought the soul into the stereotype of the soulless bureaucracy. A must-read@!

Scent of the Soil : Pavan K. Verma

Suchita Malik’s new novel, Scent of the Soil, deals with the dilemmas that confront all of us, but which we ignore. The dichotomy between conventional achievement and real fulfilment, and the choices we have to make along the way, are brought out powerfully in this novel that makes for both enjoyable and thoughtful reading.

“Scent of the Soil – A Civil Servant Returns to His Roots”
[Fourth novel by Suchita Malik; Published by Rupa & Co. Released in Delhi on 25th February 2017, followed by its launch at Chandigarh on 25th March 2017]